Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hot and Cold

So since this day has been such a lion day, I thought I would join in with a blog about all things hot and cold.

Here are some things that are cold:

1. Sleigh rides through herds of elk.

2. The Midway ice castles.

3. The ski moguls world championship at Park City.

4. Snowshoeing.

This is the lake we snowshoed across: Taggart Lake!

5. Jackson Hole in February in general.

6. Ice-skating.

Here are some things that are hot:

1. St. George.

2. Tacos in Jackson, Wyoming.

3. The Sexy Survey on the Dating Divas website.

4. Basketball stadiums.

5. Waffles with ham and cheese in a cozy little restaurant at the top of a ski resort.

6. Me with a mustache.

So hot right now.

You know what else is hot? Aruba. I'm just saying.

(I don't have a picture for that one.)


Saturday, November 21, 2015

What Stephen Thinks are my Favorite Things

Here's a real live conversation that just happened. It miiiiight be TMI, but I thought it was really funny so I have to share.

Me: Stephen, what are some of my favorite things?

Him: Food. Like free food.

Me: I already got that. What else?

Him: Working out.

Me: Meh.

Him: Rock-climbing.

Obviously he is trying to tell me something here.....

Me: No, Stephen. Like, my favorite, favorite things. In the whole world.

Him: Oh! Sex.

Me: No!

Him: That is your favorite thing, you just don't want to admit it.

Me: I'm posting this on Instagram.....I'm not saying that. What else?

Him: Vacations. Spending money. The beach. Going fancy places.

Me: I do love the beach! Okay what else?

Him: Do you want to donate your body to science one day?

Me: Like when I die? No.

Him: What, why not? Then anatomy students could actually have a pretty cadaver to look at.

Excuse my face....

Me: Can we get back to my favorite things? I need one more.

He picks up a guitar.

Him: What song do you want me to learn?

And there it is: my other favorite thing. My most favorite thing.

It's the man I want to pour all my love into, one packed lunch or rock-climbing date or back massage at a time.

I love him for every time he's gotten out of bed to bring me a cold water bottle from the fridge, for every fried egg he's made for me, for each time he's called me "cutie" or complimented my butt or painted the nails on my right hand. For every baby he's ever played with, every cheesy picture he's ever taken with me, every homeless person he's ever given food to, every time he's skipped class to cuddle with me when I'm off-track.

It makes for a really mushy blog post, this love. I just never imagined it would be this wonderful!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


This is our relationship with Logan, in a blog post. Transcribed as closely as I can recall what happened 10 minutes ago:

He walks in the room where Stephen and I are.

Logan: Ew. Stop kissing. You guys stop it.

We continue.

Logan: STOP! I said stop! I mean it!

We ignore him. He jumps on Stephen's back. We continue to ignore him and he leaves, adding: "You guys are so weird."

Stephen picks up the guitar and starts singing. "Logan sucks and Logan sucks. Logan sucks, he really sucks."

"STOP!" Logan screams from downstairs.

"Logan sucks at Fun Run 2....." Stephen sings joyfully.

"No I don't, it's you, you're the one who quit!"

Repeat 8 times.

"I'm going to tell Dad, I mean it, stop!" Logan announces.

"Logan sucks -" Stephen exuberantly sings back.

The garage door slams as he goes out to the garage to tell Dad.

Later on, Stephen apologizes.

"Logan, I'm sorry. I just say those things to play with you, because I think it's funny how you react."

Logan sits there motionless. He likes to play dead sometimes.

"I actually think you're really smart," Stephen continues. "You might be a manager at McDonalds one day. That's how smart I think you are."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hang on to your Butts

Free food, free concerts, and free national park days are some of my favorite things to happen. So when national parks were free a few weekends ago, we had to take advantage and check out Dinosaur National Monument. 

Just a few hours' drive to the East of Provo lies this under-appreciated park. It is the Jurassic Park of our generation, since our generation probably won't see live dinosaurs, so this is as close as you're gonna get. 

It was here that paleontologists discovered a huge jackpot of thousands of dinosaur bones, all in one spot. There used to be a river, and sometimes it would flood, and dinosaurs would drown in it. Other dinosaurs, that had already died, would get their bones picked up and washed down river, and then they all piled up in this sandbar kinda place. 

When it was first discovered, paleontologists excavated a lot of it. Then, they left a lot in place and built a building all around it! And now, regular Joes like you and I and my brother Joseph whose mission blog I NEVER update so please don't read it, can go and see this excavation site, all preserved. You take a shuttle to get to the building, and the shuttle drives up to a gate that slides open all electronically (BECAUSE YOU'RE IN JURASSIC PARK), and then the shuttle drives through, and takes you up the hill to the visitor enter. Many of the biggest and most complete dinosaur skeletons they discovered got sent to other museums, but it is still so cool.

I got home first on Friday, so I started gathering up the camping stuff, and even packed clothes for Stephen. By the time he got home I was ready to be gone, like, an hour ago. 

Me: Come on, let's get in the car!
Him: Hold on, I have to pack my clothes.
Me: I already got you clothes. Let's go.
Him: Oh you did? Did you pack my short-sleeved denim shirt? The one with the collar?
Me: Huh? No, we're going to be hiking and stuff. 
Him: I know, but I need that shirt. I need to look like a paleontologist. 

I broke into a huge smile and got super excited - because I had packed clothes for myself that looked like paleontologist clothes! So we're clearly meant to be together. 

Stephen is generally happy to pose ridiculously for pictures, but sometimes he gets embarrassed about it. Like when he's all intrigued and asking the ranger intelligent questions, and then I go off and want to pose like this in plain sight.

The Jurassic Park fence!!!

We went with Margot and Gonzalo and had the best time. And we even found a trail called Stump Trail, so we were excited to have another teacher on our team join us!

Mostly, Dinosaur is deserty and the landscapes aren't as cool as the bones. But there were some pretty pink rocks.
Also, some petroglyphs. 

And a dirt road that Cassidy Jane and La Grosse Berta got stuck on.  
And a sign that all the cars pass, so again I'm the only poser. 

Everyone should go, if you haven't already been! And take all your 7-year-olds. They'll love it just as much as you do.