Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winner, Winner

Last week, Mama Shimp came to town! And right after she left, all my children's parents came to school for Round #2 this year of parent-teacher conferences. Since these events happened so close together, it made me realize that parents, if not entirely the same, are very similar. 

"Parents," I have discovered, is really just a euphemism for two things:

1. Food. We eat like kings whenever either Stephen's or my parents come to town! And now, my other parents have jumped on the bandwagon. They fed me two dinners and one breakfast, as well as a host of desserts. I had lasagna, rolls, caesar salad, Cafe Rio, cookies, and cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, and that was pretty much heaven for me. 

2. Beautification. My house, two weeks ago, had nothing hanging on the walls and minimal decorations. That all changed when Stephen's mom and her big time interior design sister from Portland got inside! Similarly, when parents come to volunteer in my classroom, they almost always leave it cleaner / prettier / better than they found it. I love it. 

On a side note, now that these two things are over, I now have a little more time for blogging! Slash, catching up on The Bachelor. Oh, that ended 3 weeks ago? Well I never said I was perfect. 

Speaking of blogging, only two people two whole people entered my giveaway, so I guess both Kelly and Holly are the winners! I can't wait to make their recipes :) 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Shimps at Sea

The other day, I heard a story on the radio about a man who was at a restaurant with his family. He waited for 90 minutes for his food and decided to go find a server. After not finding a server anywhere around the restaurant, he went into the kitchen to start making his own food. He was kicked out shortly afterwards, but what can we learn from this story?

1. If you want something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

2. Men can cook.

3. Radio people are really nice, and

4. Stephen and I mightttt be jetting off to the sunny beaches of Florida soon!

*What, how did we learn that from this story?*

Well because. I heard that story when I was on the phone with Lexi and Banks when I was Caller #10 and I got to compete in their contest for a Spring Break playlist and vacation, and they maybe helped me win, and they entered me into the drawing for the grand prize, and on Monday, I will get a call and find out if we won!
So this is how I will be spending my weekend. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pin Me, I'm Dreaming

The first time I got on Pinterest, I felt overwhelmed. And confused. And sensorily overloaded. But that was in February 2012, and I have since learned how to navigate this world a little bit better, to the point that I love it and have an app for it and I consult it for almost every recipe I ever make and every decoration I've ever dreamed of making and I can't imagine life without it.

That being said, I am still a little bit Pinterest-stupid. As in, I don't know how to find people that I know and follow them....and I want to! I know if I was following the people that I know and love in real life, my Pinterest feed would be cooler and funnier and yummier. Right now it's very pretty, but I just think there must be more to this provincial life.

SO I thought I would do a little mini-giveaway :) Have you ever pinned a recipe that looks amazing but then you never got around to making it? I would like to make it for you! Leave a comment on this blogpost with your Pinterest....ID? I don't know. Some link to your page that will let me follow you - and the recipe that you want me to make for you.

I'll choose a winner from the comments! And I'll make your chosen recipe just for you.

Other rules:

1. You can still win if I'm already following you.
2. You can win if you don't live in Utah, but only if I know that I'll see you sometime in the next year and I can make your recipe for you.
3. Even if you don't have a recipe you want me to make, or if you're not in Utah, I still want to follow you! So feel free to just leave your Pinterest address in a comment.
3. You have 3 weeks to enter the giveaway! I will choose the winner on Tuesday, March 25. So get entering / pinning!