Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I don't know if you've ever read a single blog of mine or talked to me for like 30 seconds during Bachelor season, but if you have, then you know how I feel about this show. 

Actually, I have lots of feelings about the show. So it might take a little longer than that. 

The point is, I love the Bachelor. I know sometimes the producers manipulate me, but I don't mind. I get suckered in e'er season and I relish every minute of it. I avoid spoilers at all cost, unless they're like the official spoilers from ABC, and I actually print off a page with all the girls' pictures and a little bio of each, and I take notes on every time they cry / kiss / fight / get a date / get a rose / get sent home....so that is a little embarrassing, but clearly I'm not all that embarrassed of it since I'm posting on my blog about it. 

Anyhoo. Here are my rules for How to Bachelor:

1. No interruptions! 

2. Every time I say something mean about one of the girls I have to do a push-up. Julie made up this rule and we are going to be so strong, you guys. 

3. You have to watch it with a good balance of taking it seriously and not taking it seriously. Sometimes it is hilarious! Sometimes the girls are paid actors. I don't curr. People think that people can't be crazy and that's where they get confused about the Bachelor. Actually, people are crazy sometimes, and just because they happen to be on a reality TV show doesn't mean we need to get all indignant and say the show is fake. 

4. Seriously, no one should interrupt. 

5. Watch it with your husband whenever possible. Stephen hates this rule so I try not to be too pushy about it. But it is so fun to watch with boys, and I think there is a little part of him that enjoys it, at least a little bit. 

6. When you see a date that you want to go on, take note! For some reason it is always really hard to google the dates afterwards and find the exact name of the city / business that you are looking for. Except for Antigua, which Des couldn't stop bringing up over and over 8,000 times an episode. 

7. Have you ever read Chris's blog about it? Oh my hilarious!

8. If you want to take notes with me, here is a little printable notes-taking thing I made up with the bios on the ABC website. It has been very handy so far :)

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