Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cape Perpetua

Are you ready kids? (Aye aye, Captain!)
I can't hear you! (AYE AYE, CAPTAIN!)
Oooohhh, who lives in a fishing town right by the sea?
A washed-up sailor!
Grumpy and drinky and busy is he!
The washed-up sailor!
If you've got a craving for fish and for chips
(Washed-up sailor)
Then ready your money and ready your lips
(Washed-up sailor)
Washed-up sailor
Washed-up sailor
Washed-up sailor

Although we meant to spend longer in Portland, we realized that that didn't make much sense with how much time we had and how many other things we wanted to do. So on Monday, we ate some Voodoo Doughnuts, bid farewell to the city of Portland, and started driving once again. 

I was all ready for a beach day, but there happened to be a cold front moving through, so that kind of ruined our plans for laying out and collecting seashells. Still, we loved Cape Perpetua!

Climbing, as usual ;)
We did do a little exploring on the beach! This spider web was so cool to me. It was super-close to the ocean, but I guess spiders can survive if they build their homes high enough on the rocks. 
Cape Perpetua had more driftwood than I've noticed at other beaches. It was cool because there were pine trees, huge forests, on one side of the road, and then a beach on the other side. 
We loved beachside pier kinda town. We walked down the street, looking at all the shops with souvenirs, and finally caved and bought some salt-water taffy. 

We checked Yelp for the best clam chowder and found a place called Lazy Dayz Cafe just 2 minutes from where we happened to be at the time. It was #2 on Yelp so we decided to try it! When we got there, we were a little underwhelmed. It was a tiny place with a cash register sitting on a wobbly table, sparse decorations, and only one guy who did everything. Our conversation went like this:

Him: (wandering around the restaurant) Wouldjalike t'order anything?
Me: Oh! Yes. I'll get the pulled pork.
Stephen: Can I get the clam chowder?
Him: Pulled pork.
Him: No clam chowder.
Him: (Glaring up) Anything else?
Stephen: Yeah hold on, I just need to look.
(The sailor leaves the cash register, grabs a rag, and starts wiping down tables) No clam chowder, no time to make anything around here.

Then he started asking the lady behind us for her order, and this happened:
Her: Can I get the fish and chips?
Him: Fish and chips, it'll be about ten minutes.
Her: That's fine.
Stephen: Okay I'll get fish and chips, too.
Him: Two fish and chips and pulled pork.
Me: Oh, we're not together.
Him: Two fish and chips.
Stephen: Just one fish and chips, and one pulled pork.
Lady: I'm on a different order.
(The sailor sighs, leaves his cash register, and goes into the kitchen.)

I felt bad because he obviously hated his life! But then I started thinking that maybe he loves his life. Maybe he loves being a grumpy washed-up sailor in a tiny little restaurant right by the sea. I won't judge.

Anyway, we didn't get a great first impression, but when he brought out our food, it made all the difference. The only fish I will eat is salmon - and that with some reluctance! But Stephen's fish and chips smelled kinda good and I was feeling adventurous, so I took a taste.

....And then I ate about half of his meal because I had just found the second thing I'm mostly likely to crave when I'm pregnant. (The first thing is bacon-wrapped hot dogs from L.A.)

When we were done there, we did a quick hike to Thor's Well.

It was super-windy on our walk to Thor's Well! Like a salty sea breeze kinda windy.
If you Google Thor's Well, it looks awesome. However. We went during low tide, so it wasn't as awesome as we had expected it to be. I would recommend going during high tide, and just know that it is about the size of a kitchen table, rather than the size of a kitchen, like the pictures make it seem. This was actually the most impressive picture we got of it :/
We had planned to camp in Cape Perpetua, hopefully on the beach, but 4pm we were kind of done with everything. Besides, we had left the stakes for our tent at home, so it would have been an awfully windy night if we camped on the beach! So we got back in the car and started the drive to our next destination: Cascadia State Park.

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