Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ode to the BroJoe

This post is not so much an ode as it is a collection of pictures, with a link that will redirect you to Elder Connor's missionary blog. Enjoy!

We took him to Cafe Rio and took this picture that is great of him and round-faced of me. 
Then I took the Front Runner to a meeting and found like a billion missionaries waiting at the station for who know's what
On Wednesday morning, I took Joseph and Natalie to school with me,  and then we took this unpicturesque picture in the Zupa's parking lot, where we had lunch. 
Then we went to the MTC, making a brief pit stop at the Provo temple, and tried to get just one freaking picture of the new Elder jumping in the air. Just ONE! 

Then we tried to take a good shot of him being all excited to leave and me being all weepy. But mostly they just turned out awkward and hilarious and I feel obligated to put them up on this blog because I'm just that kind of a generous soul.

 So after looking over those failed pictures, we swapped out the models and got some purposefully awkward pictures of Elder Connor and Natalie's sunny hairs.

I was obviously doing pretty well with the whole emotional-ness. As in, I had not yet shed a tear, and I wasn't even thinking about how freaking long two years is, and two Christmases, and maybe two weddings?? and I was ready to take some more pictures in front of the MTC sign!

This is, not the MTC sign.  
See all those missionaries behind us? This is the MTC, and it is right here where you drop off your family member or friend in front of about 8 million missionaries, and take 60 seconds to say your goodbyes. 
I'm pretty sure we didn't take up the whole 60 seconds, mostly because that's when I started tearing up, and that is always my cue to disengage and escape. 
Here's how I recovered: sneaking into a pool with Natalie where we are not residents and did not register to lay out in the sun and nap. 
Before leaving, Joseph put me in charge of his missionary blog! So, snaps about that. Here's the link I promised: http://elderjosephconnor.blogspot.com Follow along or check in every once in a while! 

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