Monday, August 25, 2014

Looks Like Summer

Today was another first day of school for Stephen {and apparently like 20 of my friends on Facebook or their kids} and another Monday off-track for me. I guess that means summer is really over and I'd better start blogging about it.

Here's an amazing dinner I made one night: salmon with carmelized onions and this beautiful summery salad with homemade dressing.  
We had a little fireworks party with our neighbors for Pioneer Day. It was so fun!!
And when I say we had a little fireworks party....I mean we set off all these fireworks. 
Train did a free concert in SLC one night, so you know we were there!! With like 20 of our closest friends. 

My favorite part was when this little girl got up on stage and sang "Bruises" with Train. It was so cute! Two years ago, my favorite part would have been when he invited any young ladies who wanted to dance to come up on stage with him. Because you know if I was a single lady, I would have been all over that! But I am old and married and boring now, so I stayed on my blanket with my hotter-than-Train husband.

After dropping Joseph off at the MTC, Natalie and I went to this little antique store. They had a quirky sense of humor there :)
UVU is slowly becoming our favorite hangout spot. We went there one day and played pool and air hockey. For the record, it was my first time ever sinking a ball in a pocket without cheating, and that is a big accomplishment!

I don't know if you have ever been to Sole Envy, but they were having an AMAZING sale one day in August. Everything in the store was 4 pairs of shoes for $50! Natalie and I almost peed our pants, and I finally got brown riding boots I have been wanting for a year. Happy Anniversary to me?
Since Stephen is a working man now, Natalie was my date for every social function I attended during the week. Like, Joe and Julia's wedding! 

I don't know why I am so bad at getting pictures with people at their weddings. But this is the best picture I have of the happy couple leaving their reception under a (geniusly restricted by bushes) sparkler tunnel.  
I had a baby! JK, Stephen's cousin Katie did. It is my favorite when people I know have babies, because then I get to hold them and cuddle them and admire their cute little feet, but I still get to sleep at night. Also Katie and Phil make the actual cutest children on this earth, so I'm so happy they have another one!
Stephen had to work on our anniversary, but he got the night off, so we just made breakfast together and then I dropped him off at work. He was making eggs when I got a hilarious idea to put a pillow in my sweatpants and one in my shirt, and go out and say "I'm sorry that I've changed so much since you married me!" Then he recognized the hilarity and put a pillow in his butt and I died. And we took some embarrassing pictures.

We are not always an old frumpy married couple! Natalie did my hairs and makeup for a fun anniversary date night. We went to La Jolla Groves, where he took me after we got engaged. 

They gave him a Creme Brûlée for his birthday!  
The lighting in there is so bad, I don't know why. But we had to take a picture like the one we took last year!
We were so young :)
When we got home, I opened the door and found rose petals going all the way back to our room and this: 
#bachelorettestatus. Of course I knew Stephen hadn't done it, so when I saw it, I said all thrilled: "Natalie, thankkk you!" She was lurking around a corner somewhere and said "What? I didn't do anything. The Love Fairy came!" and then Stephen got a little flustered and was all "Okay, it was my idea, I got the roses for it...." and I had to tell him thanks and that he is the best husband ever :)
That is the biggest knife we have in Stephen's hand. I don't know why we couldn't just take down the decorations like normal people? 
Joseph was mostly nonchalant, but a little excited to be going on a mission. 
If you haven't looked at it yet, be sure to check out his mission blog

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