Monday, September 1, 2014

365 Days (or 386, same thing)

Of all the things I love about Stephen's family, one of the things I especially love is that his mom dabbles in photography. Which, when I say she dabbles, I mean she dabbles in the professional sector of photography, occasionally taking her nice camera to shoot engagements or senior pictures or the very occasional wedding.

In her personal life, it's less of a dabble and more of a compulsion, and she takes like 700 pictures a day if we're doing something special or on vacation or really looking beautiful. And if you know me at all, you won't be surprised that I, personally, love this.

I also love having a makeup junkie for a sister-in-law, and Natalie is just about the sweetest person I've ever met. Did I mention that as of a month ago, both of these talented people live 30 minutes from us?

So really the only thing I needed to do for our anniversary pictures was to dress myself and Stephen and show up at their house so Natalie could work her magic and we could take some pictures in the magical land called American Fork Canyon.

The cake was definitely better one year ago....you could smell the freezer burn right when you opened the box.
But what good are traditions if you don't keep them?

Thanks again Diane!! 
Not pictured:

-When I showed up at the house with no makeup on, so Natalie could work with a blank canvas, and every one of Stephen's brothers told me how weird I looked
-Stephen leaving me wobbling on the rocks in my wedges so he could run off and explore
-Logan walking around in the shot with his shirt over his head
-Us spitting out the cake after we tried to eat it
-Stephen almost throwing me in the water
-Logan falling in the water accidentally-on-purpose
-Pretty sure there was a nice view up my dress at more than one point.


  1. I almost commented on the pic where you guys are obviously dressed up for dinner saying you look STUNNING but then I was on Lyles fb and that would have been awkward and surely the whole ward would be talking....but anyway I love these. I seriously cant get over how blonde you are 1. and 2. youre shoes are perfect and I just love you guys

    1. Hahaha I just saw this comment. Please come back to Utah so we can date you guys