Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Years

I've been a Shimp for two years now.


Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that we got married, and other times it feels like it's been 80 years and we are an old married couple. But e'er day, whether it's good or hard or boring or adventurous, I'm glad I married this super-hunk.

We half-celebrated our anniversary a day early, on Saturday, August 8th. Our anniversary traditions are:

-Write love letters to each other
-Do something we love doing
-Do something we've never done

We wrote love letters on our wedding day, and I love that someday we will have a huge stack of all the letters. Your relationship changes every year and I think it will be cool to look back and see how we loved each other differently at the different phases of our marriage - from our newlywed days to our married with children days to our empty-nester days.

After getting engaged, Stephen took me to La Jolla Groves. It is a fantastic restaurant in the Riverwoods and we have gone back every year! This year and last year, that has been our something we love doing.
2013, directly post-engagement
2014, after one year of marriage. The lighting is not great in La Jolla Groves, but everything else is!
2015, after two years! There was a wedding going on this time, so they put us in a different room than we've been in the past two years. It wasn't as cool of a room, but the food, especially the salmon, was just as delicious as ever.
For our thing we've never done, we had a few ideas that all fell through. We wanted to go on a ropes course - it closed too early. We wanted to spend a night at the Anniversary Inn - it was booked. We wanted to go to a drive-in theater - and we did! But we took Sabie, and she is a tard car, and when you turn on the car just a little bit so you can listen to the sound of the movie, the lights come on too. Personally, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. They weren't on all the way and I didn't think it would bother anyone. But Stephen was extremely self-conscious about it and refused to have the car on, so we had to hang out our windows listening to the movie through other people's car speakers, and in the end it was just about the worst date we had ever had!

On Sunday, our actual anniversary, we celebrated with a heart-shaped breakfast and love letters.

Then church, and then a walk to Stewart Falls! Back to where it all started, if you want to say it started when we got engaged. Walking hand-in-hand along the beautiful trail, this time with Stephen's family, was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. (And it was also one of the best dates we've ever had :)

All my single lady friends.....get married! There is really nothing better. I loved being single, but I love being married more than I ever even imagined I would. There is so much satisfaction and comfort I feel from being in a relationship, one that I know is forever, with a man who is wholly and unconditionally mine.

I can't imagine life without him - I can barely remember a time when I didn't know him, and I love how effortlessly he fits into my future. He is my person, and nothing makes me happier than how securely I feel that :)

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