Monday, August 3, 2015

26 Things I Love

I started getting ready for Stephen's birthday on Saturday. I went to the store and bought decorations, some gifts, anddd candles.

"Won't this be cute!" I thought. "A 2 and 6, since he's turning 26."

It probably would have been cute, if he actually was turning 26.....But no. He's turning 27. So actually it is just embarrassing.

Anyway, here are 26 things you might not know, or that I love, about Stephen:

He has this thing about armpits. Like as in, they gross him out. I didn't know this until less than a month ago when he told me, and I started asking him more questions about it, and he said, "Like, I don't even want to think about them, this is making me not want to eat right now."

He wants to climb Mount Everest and has asked me probably 8 times if I would be mad if he did one day.

He loves videos about science / weird facts and is subscribed to all these YouTube channels, like Mind Blown and IFL Science, which he loves to watch and tell me about.

My kids always love when he comes to school, because he can do tricks like the human flagpole, and he plays tag and 90% of the 2nd graders join in.

He wants to go sky-diving and bungee jumping and every extreme thing you can think of....except free soloing (rock climbing without a rope).

This is about as extreme as I get....a zipline, followed by a 60-foot "free fall" that's not really a free fall but feels like it for about 2 seconds, in Park City.  
Sometimes he thinks that he wants a dog and he shows me pictures of husky puppies, thinking I will eventually get on board with that idea.

The cutest thing he's said to me in the past two weeks was when he said: "I do want one daughter, so we can spoil her." (We are not pregnant.)

This isn't a girl baby, but it is a baby.
When we first got married, he went through this phase where he would hide and then jump out and try to scare me every time I got home from school. Embarrassingly, it worked like 95% of the time.

He is super-protective of his sisters and one time he ran to this guy's apartment and banged on the door and got up in the guy's face and told him he (the guy) wasn't ever going to take his (Stephen's) sister on a date, because Stephen knew that the guy was in a contest to see how many girls he could kiss in one semester.

And another time, when I asked him what present we should get for Natalie, and mentioned that she wanted stuff for her dorm or college, he got really annoyed and said: "She's going to college! Man. Guys are gonna try to marry her so fast."

Pretty much every handyman thing he did on our house is something he either learned from doing it at Shimp Optical, the glasses business his family owned the whole time he was growing up, or from YouTube videos.

One time, when we were ripping up the carpet in our house, I tried to take a candid picture of him standing in the mess that we had created. What I got instead was a 4-second video of him shaking his head and saying, "No, it'll be alright." He was responding to a question I had asked right before I started recording, but I can't remember what the question was. I just know I kept that video and watch it sometimes just because I like seeing him take charge of a project and hearing him say "No, it'll be alright."

When he went to Peru for his mission, he got really good at Spanish, and really tan. Eventually, people there started asking him if he was from Argentina, because he didn't even have an accent.

For a while, he considered going to Puerto Rico for dental school, even though all the classes are in Spanish.

He always said he was definitely not going to marry a blonde, because he didn't want to marry someone who looked like his sisters.

......No comment.
He is like, the least picky eater on this planet, and he actually enjoys gross things like chicken hearts, oysters, and frog legs.

One time, the blender broke. And I was doing Whole 30 and I NEEDED my breakfast smoothie, so Stephen got a drill and held it on the bottom of the blender (like where the blade turns) and finished blending my smoothie. 

He loves watching fixer-upper house shows and actually has a really good eye for home design. He thinks it would be cool to fix up a beach house, or a cabin, and just make it super-nice and spend tons of money fixing it up.

Unlike me, I think he actually means it when he says that he doesn't care what happens on his birthday. October hits and I'm over here like, "EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION AND DO ALL THE NICE THINGS FOR ME!" But when Stephen's birthday rolls around, he would seriously be content with bacon and a chance to sleep in. (And something lacy. ) He is so low-maintanence that his birthday sometimes feels more like my special day than his.

He pretends like he can't cook....but actually, he makes this really delicious grilled chicken and green pesto spaghetti that is bomb.

Once when he was in 1st grade, his teacher moved his desk because he wouldn't stop talking. So naturally, he pushed over his desk. (The teacher grabbed him by the ear and dragged him down to the front office, and he says he just remembers his teacher yelling at him, and then the principal yelling at him, and then his parents yelling at him.)

Currently, he is going through this phase where he loves listening to BBC Radio. He's gotten me into it, too. And now we've all of a sudden started having intellectual, globally-minded conversations.

His eyebrows are pretty much perfect and I want to just point them out to everyone. At first I thought that he plucked them or did something to keep them up, but somehow, they are just naturally perfect.

When we were talking about where to go for dental school, I told Stephen I was starting to feel kind of nervous about going somewhere new where we don't know anyone. Then Stephen said, "I wouldn't think of it like that....I would just think of it as, Stephen and Heather going on an adventure." And my whole attitude changed, and I fell in love with him all over again.

He loves watching videos of animals and narrating them, and it is so hilarious that that's almost half of our messages to each other on Facebook now: funny animal videos that I want him to narrate later. (The other half are me asking where he is because I need to pick him up and his phone has died, which, by the way, never bothers him.)

Most of the time I think he is going to be such a good dad (no I'm not pregnant) but then sometimes, he gives his brothers dead legs and shoots them with air-soft guns, and they cry and say "I hate you, you're the worst brother EVER!" and throw vases at him, and even though it's really funny....I wonder what parenthood will be like.

It's his birthday....and so far today he has installed some cabinets (not in our house), dropped a stove on himself in a ditch (also not our stove), and nearly electrocuted himself. Now, while he cleans the stove, I'm waiting to take him out for a birthday dinner.

I love all these things I've learned about him! And I love this day that I get to celebrate him, and everything that makes him him, and everything that makes him mine.

Happy birthday to my favorite guy ever, the one who sometimes sits through Bachelor episodes with me, never wants to pay someone else to do something he could YouTube and do on his own, and always drives on road trips. (Seriously, he'll drive like the whole time.) Thank GOODNESS your mother birthed you and then you grew up to be perfect for me!


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