Monday, April 7, 2014


One of my favorite things to do is win stuff. It all started when I sold one $8 thing from a fundraising catalog in 6th grade, got my name entered into the drawing because of that, and I walked away with a prize. I don't even remember what it was - maybe a microphone for my karaoke machine? I just remember that feeling.

"How embarrassing," 6th grade me first thought, walking up the stage steps. 

Then, "Hmmm, actually this is kinda cool," as I surveyed the prizes I got to choose from. 

Then, "I am a winner and THIS IS AWESOME!" as all my friends (and a bunch of people I didn't know) gathered around me back at my lunch table to see what I had chosen and to tell me how lucky I am and what the heck they had sold 20 things so how did I win from just selling one. 

Since then, I have tried to win as many things as possible - especially radio contests. I've gotten pretty good at being Caller #9, since I have almost an hour drive to and from school every day, and when I'm not talking to my mom or padre, I'm calling in to radio stations. 

On one such call, I won tickets to PBR! I don't even know what that stands for. I think Professional Bull-riding Rodeo? It was at the Maverick Center, it was Stephen's first ever rodeo, and it was wonderful.

Once I dreamed of marrying a cowboy, but that dream was not realized, because I met Stephen and he is not a cowboy. I'm okay with that, because there were a bunch of cowboys that we saw walking in, and a bunch of them were smoking, and one of them picked his nose and flicked it, and another one got kicked out. I think for being too drunk, but who's to say. 

I'm also okay with it because I get nervous when Stephen climbs up high in a tree, or takes pictures that look like he's about to fall off a cliff. So if he had a career in bull riding, I would die. I mean I would think it was really hot, but I would also ask him to stop, because I'm not trying to be a 25-year-old widow. 
Dinner at the PBR :)

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