Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shimply Stated by 2nd Graders

K: Mrs. Shimp? I decided that for second grade, I'm going to grow a mustache.

"I told you if I do get in the Olympics I will win silver. So quit now or get gold or get *crushed. So like I said *watch out son."
J: Mrs. Shimp it hurts to sit down.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry about that.
J: It's because....*He trails off as T comes over to tell me something.*
*T walks away.*
J: It's because, I have a rash, on my privates. So it really, really, hurts to sit down.
H: Oh! Um, you really need to tell your mom about that then. I'm so sorry.

"Mrs. Shimp, look! I'm a Cyborg!"
Me: You can put the lion's legs on straight, or crooked. Either way is fine.
N: Whoa, Mrs. Shimp! You shouldn't have said that.
Me: .....Why?
N: Oh it's just. My imagination is going crazy right now!

This was the lion with crooked legs.
Na: Mrs. Shimp, J keeps picking his nose in class!
Me: That is so funny that you noticed that even when you were so focused on your own work.
Na: It's not funny, it's gross!
This was in the nice notes center. "I like you. I *think you are amazing. I know that Madame Vanier *thinks that you are *dumb, but I *disagree. Be good. I like you. I hope you have a good year."

A: My mom is beautiful. She's got guys crushin' on her everywhere she goes!

J has a little bit of a stutter. So he said: "Are we going to have the party - arty, with just our class - ass, or both classes together?"

N: Mrs. Shimp? I decided to wear my tuxedo today. (He is wearing a sports jacket and a button down shirt.) Just wanted to class things up a little.

This is his other tuxedo.
One more month with this kiddos!

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