Sunday, April 13, 2014

Puckin' Shimps

After two official dates, but before we started "officially" dating, Stephen asked me to go ice-skating and to look at the lights at the SLC temple.

"Yes!" I said. "That would be so much fun!" 

As I said it, I vowed inwardly that I would never tell him about the ice-skating class I had taken earlier in my college career. I knew that if I told him about that class, he would never understand why I still sucked at ice-skating. So I would keep it to myself, and maybe after 5 years of peaceful marriage, I would tell him. We would laugh about it then, because my ice-skating would have drastically improved. 

Unfortunately, just a few weeks later, his roommate decided to bring up the fact that BYU has hockey classes that you can take, and how do they do that? Is there a rink somewhere on campus?

So I helpfully piped up that no, they have the classes at 7 Peaks, and I know because they always had them at the same time as my ice-skating class that I took a few semesters ago. I can still picture the incredulous look on Stephen's face when I said that. 

"Wait, you took an ice-skating class?" he asked. 

Too late, I realized my mistake. "No...." He looked at me, confused. I tried frantically to think of a way out!

"....What?" I said. So, that didn't really do anything. The game was up. Thankfully, Stephen didn't care that much about ice-skating, so it ended up okay. 

Although hockey threatened to ruin our relationship then, it made for a great date night on Saturday. I won Grizzlies tickets on the radio, so Stephen and I were able to go to our first big-deal hockey game! It was a lot of fun. There was less blood than I had expected, but I left with more questions than I thought I would. 

Here are the things that confuse me about hockey:

1. How do they move so fast with so little regard for their own safety? 

 2. How does anyone know where the puck is? Sometimes they like fake-pass it, and I get faked out every time. And that's sitting in the stands!

3. What can you possibly do that's so bad that it lands you in the penalty box? It's clearly not fighting or running someone into the wall, so what is it?

4. How does anyone ever score?

5. Why is the goal so tiny? Especially in proportion to the goalie? The game would be even more exciting if they could score more. Every time the Grizzlies got a point, they blew this huge train horn like 5 times,  and the lights flashed, and everyone went crazy. It was fun! But it only happened twice.

6. Why is the glass so low in front of my face. Seriously I'm pretty sure I had a 38% chance of decapitation. I'm lucky I made it out of that game with my head still attached because if the puck had come flying at me, it would have been over. 
The mascot is always one of my favorite things about any sporting event. 
As is the kiss cam! We got on the screen and I almost peed my pants. We didn't get a picture in that exact moment, but we did afterwards.

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