Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shimps and Shale

Utah is an incontestably scenic place, with desserts and red rock in one area, grassy fields in others, and snow-topped purple mountains majesty speckled throughout. Although I never really got into all the ways you can exploit those mountains, I married a man who is determined to get me to that point via conversion by immersion. Which means we've been rock climbing every time the weather cooperates and he's assured me we will be buying snowboarding passes come winter.

He is also determined to get his little siblings to that point, so when they came out to visit for the Lively wedding, we went rock-climbing in American Fork Canyon.


This is mostly how they climbed....by clawing at the wall while Mike heaved them up from where he stood, belaying them. 
But I have confidence that one day, they will follow in Stephen's footsteps and be awesome rock climbers.

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