Monday, May 12, 2014

Sun Shimps

My mom has, in the past, accused me of being a sun worshipper.

I wouldn't call myself that, but I would agree that I am a sun chaser. One time I chased it all the way down to Florida for a winter semester, because I love it that much. 

On the Sunday after Stephanie and Craig's wedding was over, Stephen and I made two abrupt decisions:

1. We were going to paint our bedroom and put wood floors in on Monday.
2. We were going to take a trip to San Diego on Tuesday. 

We didn't think very hard about either of these things. We just jumped right in and started doing them! So it maybe shouldn't be all that surprising that when we left for San Diego on Tuesday, we left an unfinished paint job in our bedroom and everything that used to be in our bedroom in the living room and kitchen.

It was gray and gloomy when we left Provo, and it was 10pm when we arrived at our destination. We could just see the outlines of palm trees.
Our hostess! This girl is the actual best.
Every day after that was pretty much the same: we woke up, lolled around, spent like 2 hours getting dressed and eating breakfast and packing up and planning, went to a beach, played, wait-let-me-take-a-selfie'd, listened to "Rude" by Magic! because Californians are obsessed with it (and now we are, too), and then found somewhere delicious to eat dinner. It was a perfect vacation!

Day One.

Warning: the beach can give you a unibrow.

Day Two.

Torrey Pines State Park. It was beautiful!
My version.
His version. 
Crepes and Corks! Minus the corks. 
And that's why I need a beach house.
Day Three.

Once upon a time, some nice people built this little inlet thing where there would be lower tides and kids could come and play in the ocean without getting knocked over and water rushing up their noses. Then, some seals discovered it and decided that it had actually been built for them, and they came and took over. Now, people go to the Children's Tide Pools to see the seals.

They are so funny! If I weren't a human, I would like to be a seal. 
This guy had a thing or two to say. He was very bossy!
The Contemporary Art Museum was closed, but the sculpture garden was open.

Dinner! This place was SO good.
After that, we went through the San Diego temple. I LOVED it! If you get a chance, you should really think about going. It is so beautiful inside!
 Day Four.
Mission Beach! This beach was fun. It's huge and has a super-cool boardwalk with tons of food and stuff to do.

Panning for gold at the Mormon Batallion Visitor's Center in Old Town!

California is just amazingly beautiful to me.
And that's how our vacation ended. It took us a little less than a week to carry out Abrupt Decision #2, and when we returned to Provo, it took about that long to carry out Abrupt Decision #1. I'll blog about that later :)

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