Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Lay Down Flooring in 18 Easy Steps

Sometimes you want to do things the easy way. Sometimes, the hard way! As it turns out, Stephen and I prefer the latter. Here's how one easy part of our remodel went down:

1. Okay let's just put wood in half of the hallway. But first we'll have to paint. 

2. But first we have to fix the holes in the hallway. Okay now we can paint. 

3. In fact, let's sand these drawers and paint them white too. 

4. While we're at it, let's replace the knobs/handles on these drawers. 

5. Okay now we can put the wood in this hallway. 

6. No need to finish the whole hallway. Let's just do half and then do the living room. 

7. Rip up half the carpet in the living room. Move EVERYTHING to the kitchen / bedroom.

8. Put down one row of wood. 

9. Hmmm.... Let's redo the entryway. So first we'll have to take off the door and paint in here. 

10. Gosh what the heck is wrong with our mail slot? Time for a new one! {Scuse us while we go to home depot with the door off the hinges and pray that nothing gets stolen.}

11. Install the new mail slot. That takes about 2 hours. 

12. Should we paint the door too? What color? To the Pinterest machine! Now back to home depot for paint! 

13. We hate this color. Back to home depot for a different color! 

14. This color is acceptable. Spend 40 minutes washing the thick exterior dark blue paint off our brushes and rollers. It turns the bathtub blue. 

15. Put on a new door knob because, because. Put the door back on its hinges. 

16. Continue putting wood down and finish the half of the living room that we ripped up the carpet on. 

17. Now move all the things and do the other half of the living room! 

18. Now move everything back and collapse on the floor in exhaustion.

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