Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shimpin in the Bed

Everything sounds worse when you say "in bed" at the end of it. Maybe I shouldn't say worse...but it definitely makes things sound a little raunchier. It just adds a touch of inappropriateness to the conversation.

But sometimes, your bedroom makes an amazing transformation and you start trying to find ways to bring it up, and it's not always easy to segue neatly into bedroom talk. So you have to bring it to your blog instead.

I don't personally know the people who lived in our house before, but I do know this about them: they were indecisive about paint colors. When we moved in, most of the upstairs was the same boring beige, except for the master bedroom, which was half-BYU blue, half-white, with mint green doors. (The basement was fire-engine red, navy blue, poop brown, and this awful 80's mauve....but that's a different story.)

We like plain ol' paint colors, so the cougar blue and mint weren't really working for us. Which means that step 1 of this operation was painting, whiiiich means that Step 1a was moving everything out of the bedroom where it could nicely welcome Stephanie and Craig off of their honeymoon while they crashed with us for a week. Sorry about that unfortunate timing.

Anyway, here's the transformation!

Before, from the door

Before, from the bed. (You can kind of see the bed poking out....the air mattress that we slept on for two days while some friends babysat our bed.)
Paint, wood floors, a new dresser and bedspread later
Ta-da! I love it so much better now!
We still need to paint the doors, but just don't look at them and you can be amazed and happy like us. If you want to see the rest of the house, you'll have to come to our housewarming party :) Time / date / everything else about it besides the place still TBD.

(Okay just kidding, I'll probably blog about it all later. But still come.)

(You know. When we get all the details figured out.)


  1. So cute! I actually like the mint doors with the new paint! I love looking at all the transformations you're making on your house

  2. Thank you Haleigh!! I actually kind of like it too, but Stephen does not. Haha