Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Things That Grow

I have found myself deeply entrenched in yet another season of The Bachelorette. (Maybe I should say we and ourselves, since Stephen is right there with me...not to mention America....but anyway.) I always feel like I'm watching a whole years' worth of events in just a few hours, even though it only takes a few months. So I watch the episodes, and Andi's feelings grow, and the guys' feelings grow, and I start to think about other things that grow.


1. My students. I have one and a half more days with them. They have grown into third-graders with me and I am SO happy, because there were times that I really didn't think they ever would.

2. My garden! My tomatoes are just so happy. They love summer almost as much as I do.
Started from the bottom.....
Now we here! These babies are so big now that they need a roof.
LOOK! I almost peed when I saw them.
This guy cannot wait to grow up into salsa :)
 3. My wardrobe....that needed to happen.

One of like 30 pictures I sent to my poor Broseph. He's such a good sport.
4-5. My man's muscles (+3 for alliteration).

I mean, stoppp. (Aka please don't stop)
I should point out that my muscles are also growing, okay.

Although Stephen already pointed that out himself, so this is just a friendly reminder.
6. Our front yard garden (front yarden?)

This picture probably doesn't mean a whole lot to other people, but the front yard is totally different than it used to be. First of all we painted our door [insert 32-step process here], but also, we picked out some new trees, bushes, shrubbery....whatever the proper wording is. I'm new to gardening. A green thumb greenhorn, if you will. 
Unfortunately, the first picture we got of our yarden was before the plants even made  it to their new home. I don't know why I felt like that was necessary, but okay.
And again unfortunately, the second picture we got off our new front yarden was in the dark, at like 11 PM since that's when it gets dark up in here, because for some reason we got so excited about our upgrades that we had to go to Home Depot right then and then plant our low-maintenance plants right after.
7. I'll tell you one thing that doesn't grow, though: brooms. Those handles do not grow back.

So sometimes you have to sweep like so.

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