Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank You, Pilgrims

I am thankful for Thanksgiving. It is such an American holiday when you think about it! A whole day devoted to the things we in this nation love most: food and family, with a little bit of football and a few celebrities sprinkled in the mix.

And THEN, the day after Thanksgiving, we have a day that is all about spending money, which is also pretty American.

Today was my first Thanksgiving with Stephen's family. It was wonderful! We spent the night at their house last night, so Brandon had to sleep on the couch. I'm lucky he loves Stephen so much, so he never complains we take over his bed and kick him out. And it happens at least once a week....

The day started with this AMAZING French toast casserole that Diane made for breakfast. (Actually it started with Logan running in, smacking Stephen, and yelling hysterically that we were going to miss the snow and we'd better get up right now and take him sledding, but we don't need to talk about that.) There was also homemade buttermilk syrup! So that ushered in the food heaven that was today very nicely. 

Luckily Thankfully, we live in Utah. So we did not miss the snow. It may have been 57* in Lehi, but there were 32 inches of snow waiting patiently for us up in the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon. 

You might not be able to tell in this picture, but the snow was so deep it was hard to walk in. It was up to our knees and sometimes even deeper!

It was so fun getting all bundled up and playing in the snow, especially since once we were done playing, we could leave all that lovely snow behind. I think we have a new Thanksgiving tradition now!

Thanksgiving dinner was more like Thanksgiving lunch, which I actually like. I was in charge of the sweet potatoes and the banana cream pie and the kid's craft.

Here's how the sweet potatoes turned out:
I forgot to get a picture before we started eating, but they were amazing!
Here's how the banana cream pie turned out:
Also amazing. 
Here's how the kid's craft turned out:
Yeah it was not a hit with the kids. But Stephen was nice enough to wear the pilgrim hat I made!
And I guess now is a good time to add that I did Black Friday online this year, instead of going out, and I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! So, holler for that, and I hope your Thanksgiving was as fantastic as mine :)

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