Thursday, December 11, 2014

BRB, Going to Hogwarts

As a child of the 90's, I was one of millions of people who were proudly swept up in the Harry Potter craze. I read every book, twice, watched all the movies (in the real people theater even, I didn't even wait for the Dollar Theater), dressed up for midnight premieres, and wrote fan mail to JK Rowling.

This was in the olden days, before Instagram stalkers ruled the fandom.

Anyway. I still haven't been to England to try my luck at pushing through the wall on Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, but this month, I discovered something almost as wonderful as the Hogwarts Express.....the FrontRunner.

This magical train goes from Provo to Ogden, and it is so fast, and so awesome, that I just want to tell everyone about it! Now that Sabie has joined us out here, via a surprise road trip a la Madre and the Jew, we are able to keep one car at the station closest to my school and the other car at home, for Stephen to use. He has never been so spoiled the whole time we've been married.

I wake up. Stephen drives me to the Provo station. I board. I sit there blearily through a half-hour of someone else driving, and when I get off, Carbaby is waiting for me to drive the rest of the way to my school. At the end of the school day, I drive back to the station and Frontrunner home, where Stephen picks me up once again. It is so happy for so many reasons.

1. I get so much done! I do all my grading during my afternoon commute.
2. I met a famous author the other day. Well, maybe. I don't actually know his name or if he is famous.
3. I am always on time. As long as I can get to the Provo Station when I am supposed to, I can be on time to school. The FrontRunner is never late and never early.
4. Traffic shmaffic. I don't curr.
5. I see so many glorious sunrises.
6. I can take a little nappy-poo if I so desire.
7. I can even do my hairs.
8. On the 22nd, the cheerful attendant gave errbody a candy cane. Holy festive!
9. We save SO MUCH money on gas. That plus the $2, $2.50 price gas has been hovering around, and it's basically been Christmas in my gas task.
10. The WiFi is pretty shotty on the FrontRunner, but I actually kind of like that. I'm super-focused when I know I can't waste time on the Facebook.

I want to read more on my morning commute, and I want to start working out! Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for a non-embarrassing morning workout you can do on a barely crowded train?

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