Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 14 of 2014

2014 was a FANTASTIC year! I've been trying to think of my absolute happiest moment of the year and it has been difficult. Way too hard. So, in no particular order, here are 14 of my favorite moments:

In theory it was kinda scary, but after living in a friend's living room, it felt amazing to sign those papers. And I've only been happy with our decision since then.
2. When we went to Disney Land for freeee! It is the happiest place on Earth, how could it not make the top 14.

3. When we found our kitchen table. Is this how I know I'm truly an adult? Things like dining furniture make my Top 14 list?

4. When we got on the Kiss Cam at the Grizzlies' game! I have never felt so famous. 

5. When we got our fireplace / chimney up and running and this was our life err night:

6. When my garden grew....and grew.....and grew, until I couldn't even handle all the tomatoes.

Homemade tomato soup from my homemade tomato garden, yum! :)
7. When we sat on our bums in San Diego and it was kinda chilly but just the best vacation yet.

8. When we didn't die by wolves, bears, bison, geysers, or hypothermia at Yellowstone, and we discovered our new favorite place in nature.

8. When I said goodbye to my kids of 2013-14. To be honest, this day was bittersweet, because I did love those kids. And in the end, losing them meant losing a fantastic teaching partner. But after such a crazy start to my year, it was nice to have an opportunity to start fresh and re-do my classroom :)

9. When Chick-Fil-A fed me free food. Also, when the PTA fed me free food. Also, any other time I may have gotten free food. 

10. When our kitchen was FINALLY finished! It was such an amazingly happy day. 

11. When I climbed a 5.10d for the first time - maybe not impressive to e'erbody, but it was exciting for me!

12. When Stephen made my birthday the best ever, and I made his the best ever. Really those were tied with each other. 

14. When our Christmas party was such a smashing success.

I hope your year was just as wonderful! It's always satisfying to look back and pick just a few moments that were highlights of the year. It seems like such a long time! Let's see if 2015 can beat it :)

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