Monday, June 1, 2015

3 Famous Places in Oahu

Hawaii is such a famous place. We didn't see any famous people while we were there, but we did go to some famous places! 
The Hukilau Cafe is where Drew Barrymore eats breakfast e'er day in 50 First Dates. Although, I'm pretty sure it's not the same Hukilau Cafe. Drew sits in a booth and there were no booths. And in the movie, it's by the beach, and there was no beach outside of this Hukilau Cafe. 
 "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was filmed at the Turtle Bay Resort. I've never seen it, so I can't tell you how much it looks like itself in real life. But we went surfing there one morning and I can tell you that it is beautiful.
Five surfboards on one car! We had to poke our hands out the window and hold them still or else it sounded like we were going to take off in a helicopter! 

Stephen actually did really well with surfing. He is one of those annoying people who kinda watches somebody else do something, any kind of physical activity or trick, for like 30 seconds, and then he does it. Maybe it takes him a few tries, but he'll get it.

I am one of those annoying people who needs 10 coaches and some videos of examples and a lot of pep talks and encouragement and written instructions and pristine conditions....and then I'll get it. I've actually gone surfing before, under exactly those conditions, and I did get it!

In this case, Stephen got up on a bunch of waves. The guys were so funny. Sometimes they would have "party waves" where everyone tried to ride the same wave. Their battle cry is "Commitment!!!" And they would yell it if they ever got on a wave that they didn't think they would be able to stay on. It was very inspiring.

I tried to get on a wave! I watched and paddled with all my strength when I saw one coming. But every time I paddled, the wave would pass me by. So I just laid there on the board, loving the sunshine and only vaguely worrying about sharks. It was very relaxing and I decided that if I ever lived in Hawaii, this would be my morning ritual.

Turtle Bay does a free luau every Sunday night, and it is awesome!! If you want food, it's $18/plate, and then you can also buy drinks if you want to. And now that I'm thinking about it, I guess we did see one famous person. This guy who is a fire dancer in that luau show is in the Nicki Minaj music video "Star Ships!" He's won awards at fire dancing competitions and stuff.

That guy! He's the famous one! In the yellow skirt thing.

They had some audience participation and I somehow got pulled up to the front to learn how to hula. Then Stephen was convinced that the guy who chose me was in love with me, but really he just liked young blonde girls wearing blue. He picked another one who was like me except her hairs were in a ponytail. 

These kids even did the fire juggling. They were so cool! I swear the little one was like 7 or 8 years old. And he would grab the fire with his hand and balance it on his feet and everything!

"Jurassic Park" and parts of "Lost" were filmed in Oahu, and one of the places they filmed was the Manoa Falls hike! This waterfall hike was beautiful. You go through the jungle and it's just so green, and there are plants growing on plants that are growing on other plants, and if you go with Margot, then she's the only one who gets eaten up by mosquitoes.

Imitating the Russians :)

The water was freezing!! So we barely got a normal picture.

Please note the vice grip I have on Stephen's arm....and the abs. Let's just all take a good note of those abs.
Eventually he just pulled me in because it would have taken our entire vacation if I had been allowed to just keep slipping in gradually.

These Russian (??) girls were at the waterfall waiting for their turn to take pictures. It was embarrassing because they just walked in like they were getting into a bath, as we ran shrieking and shivering out of the water and headed straight for our towels. They were so funny though! They kept taking these pictures with popped-out butts, delicate lip-bites, and confused expressions like "what is this place?" I guess when you live in Russia you just get immune to the cold or something and then photograph-art can truly flourish.

At the end of the hike, there is this AMAZING shave ice place called Rainbow's End. I think it might be even better than Matsumoto's?? They don't put condensed milk on top but they can put ice cream in the bottom. Mmm mmm mmmm.

Check back soon for the 3 Tourist Traps of Oahu :)

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