Monday, June 1, 2015

8 Times I Broke the Law in Hawaii

1. The time we hiked Stairway to Heaven.

Yep these signs were everywhere. 

2. The time I ran out of the car to pick a pomegranate off the tree.

3. The time I put that pomegranate in my suitcase and brought it back to the mainland with me....oops.

4. The time we crossed over the railing on the Diamond Head Hike to take pictures. (Diamond Head is a fun hike, but very touristy. I seriously don't think they was a single Asian in Asia on Memorial Day because I'm pretty sure they were all on this hike! There are a bunch of ways to get to the top, and if you just look at the mountain, it looks like an ant hill of people.)

Gah. I can't get over the water!!

5. Also the time we crossed over the railing on the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail to take pictures.

Not as legal.
6. And the time we crossed over the railing at the Manoa Falls waterfall to take pictures in the waterfall.

7. The time I touched a sea turtle. Totally did not know that was illegal! But it is, so don't do it. It makes stuff grow on them and then it eventually kills them. Who knew.

8. The time we parked in downtown Waikiki? Honolulu? I don't even know which one....and you could only pay for parking with cash, and we didn't have any, and my debit card wasn't working because my bank was all thinking I was an identity thief, so we couldn't get any out of the ATM, so we left out of the exit. And didn't pay for parking. And I was jumpy every time we heard a siren for the rest of the trip and am still nervous to check the mail.

I am very sorry about all of these things. But now that I've confessed, I feel a lot better.

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  1. haha this is a delightful list! looks like you had the best time ever in hawaii!