Saturday, June 27, 2015

Days of the Week

Sundays are for writing missionaries the LAST EMAIL before they come home (!!!!!) and for Father's Day family BBQ's, where Stephen ripped his new shorts trying to swing dance with me.

Mondays are for maxi-skirts with the girls in my class, and for classy (free) orchestra concerts at the Gallivan Center.

Insert glowing review here.
Tuesdays are for Zumba class and productivity, and regretting that I didn't post anything on Sunday on Facebook about my father. He is the best, I hope you all know that.

Wednesdays are for crying sneakily behind my sunglasses on the Front-runner as I write notes to all my kids from my classes this year. Also, for catching up on the Bachelorette and getting annoyed again at Kaitlyn and her immaturity.

Thursdays are for picking up Claire, the dog princess of the world, and attending my cute student's play with Margot and our husbands. Also, driving up to the gas pump with exactly 1 mile to empty. This has never happened to me before and better never happen again.

Friday day was for my kids' end-of-the-year program, where they sang and danced and did gymnastics and other tricks, and I was so proud of them I thought I was going to burst wide open. We celebrated afterwards with root beer floats and with Stephen doing handstands and tricks on the flagpole, and it was just the best day at school ever.

Friday night was for free shave ice, free dinner, and hiking the Y (also free) with the fam. And with Claire. It wouldn't be right to leave her out.

And of course, no hike to the top of Y mountain would be complete without a scoop (or 4, whatever the people wanna give you) of BYU creamery ice cream.

Saturdays are for sleeping in and starting the day slow with a naked breakfast and songs from Hawaii. And maybe ending the day with a rodeo?? Hint hint Stephen.....

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