Friday, February 21, 2014

The Shimp Always Wins

You've heard that the house always wins in Fabulous Las Vegas, but the last time I went, I won. Fifteen dollars and seventy-seven cents. Ohhhh yeah, I'm pretty much a high roller. 

This time I went, I won again! I won
the alphabet game. Actually we weren't playing, but if we had been, I would've won right there. 
the photography contest. I didn't actually enter any, but I am pretty proud of this picture. 
I am only a little proud of this picture. This guy got all up in our faces about taking a "picture with your father" and Stephen stood next to him while I pulled up the camera on my phone. Then Darth Vader took off his helmet and asked if we had money to give him. Which we didn't because, who carries cash now? So this picture is the best we have. 
We won a front-row view of the Bellagio fountain show. 
We won a free showing of the 3D M&M movie.

In M&M world, we decided that whoever got 3 in a row on one of these little M&M slot machine toys would get to choose where we bet our $5 in the real world.
It's a good thing I won that little wager, because then I went on to turn $5 into $30.35! It's also a good thing I won because Stephen says he can see himself getting quickly addicted to gambling. He wanted to keep going and try to win more money, but $30.35 is enough for me :) 
The thing about gambling is, you really shouldn't do it. Because it ruins lives and you can't make a living off of it and it truly can be addicting. 

But it is okay, Iiiii think, if you go to Vegas only once every few years, to pay $5 to play a game. If you ask me, that no gamble-ier than paying $90 for a ticket to Disneyland and hoping you get a chance to ride the rides you went there for. There's no guarantee that you'll win $30 in Vegas, and there's no guarantee that you'll get to go on Radiator Springs Racecars. But this time, I did win $30, and Radiator Springs Racecars is just going to have to wait until next time. 

Thanks for the Earl of Sandwich, Vegas! 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Not a bad end to our road trip :) 
We stayed with my cousin Jonny and his lovely family, just 20 minutes from the Strip. When Stephen and I have kids, I hope they are half as cute as Jonny and Tiff's kids are! They are just the cutest family. Whom we also did not get a picture with....just fire me now.

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