Friday, February 28, 2014

Shimps Get Jazzed

I was 17 years old before I decided on a favorite sports team. It was then that my high school chose the Ravens' stadium as the site for our Prom. And just like that, I became a Ravens' fan. Don't challenge me on this with statistics. I have no idea how good of a team they actually are. I just know I had Prom there, so I like them.

Here are the other teams I cheer for, and why:

Cougars - because I am one. Fo life.

And now Joseph is going to be one, too! Woohoo!
Colts - because I married a Colts fan. (Stephen is from Indiana)

The BroncHawks - because that's who played in the Super Bowl this year. Say what you will, but my team always wins the Super Bowl.

And finally, the Jazz.

This guy does not play for the Jazz anymore, unfortunately. 
But he was there for my first Jazz game! The one where I sat in the 4th row and they fed me dinner and dessert during the halftime show....so yes. I am a Jazz fan.

Stephen and I got free tickets to the Jazz game this last Wednesday, so that was our second date night this week!

It started out good when Stephen won a $5 voucher for concessions:

It got better when they accidentally upgraded our seats! We didn't sit in the 4th row, but we did sit in the lower bowl seats.

It got even better when they started singing the National Anthem and I recognized one of the guys singing! My Mona cousin is so famous!

Worst picture ever, but what can ya do. 
We took the Front-runner up to SLC and back. It was my first time, and it was very enjoyable! We chugged along in near-silence! We dined in a booth! We won all the races with the cars on I-15! We misunderstood the schedule and ended up waiting 35 minutes at the train station. 

That's my cute husband, doing his homework in the train station. 
But it was okay, because we had this little baby to entertain us with her escape attempts. She kept trying to run off the edge and was thrilled to death every time she got close!
It's nice to have friends with babies, because that means that we don't need our own! {For now, at least.}

And it's nice to cheer for the Jazz, because when I do, they win.

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