Monday, February 24, 2014

Will you be my Stephentine?

I think I kind of shocked Stephen on Valentine's Day morning. I was standing by the griddle, making some delicious pancakes, and I said: "I hate Valentine's Day."

I know that Valentine's Day is a popular holiday to hate on, but I have always loved holidays, and I have especially LOVED Valentine's Day. Which is why that was a little shocking to Stephen.

But this helped to clear up some of the confusion.
My heart pancakes were just NOT turning out the way I wanted them to. And they actually ended up being kind of a metaphor for that whole day....I mean, all we did was eat did-these-get-run-over-by-a-truck-heart-shaped-pancakes and drive forever. But luckily we just decided to push Valentine's Day back a week, and it was a wonderful Valen-weekend.

Here is how we celebrated:

A trip to the temple, where someone left a little bag of Hershey kisses and this note on Carbaby:

Mormons are funny. 
Stephen got me roses! Also chocolate, but that might have been more for him ;)
He also got this sparkly sign to decorate our house for Valentine's Day. 
 This is how we eat chocolate: take a bite and then put it back. 

We also went out to eat at Rib City Utah, which I highly recommend! Then we went ice-skating at the Gallivan Center. 
December 2012
February 2014
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Not all pancakes need to look crappy.

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